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You have a guardian


If the Guardianship Tribunal has appointed the Public Guardian as your guardian it is our job to make decisions about your life. This might include decisions about where you live, what help you need or decisions about your health. We do not make decisions about your money.

We want to make the best decisions for you.

We have a booklet that can help explain some questions you might have. Click on this link to see the book:

Answers to your questions - Information for People under Guardianship.This booklet is also available in:

Does everyone need a guardian?

People who might need a guardian are over the age of 16, and have a disability.

Sometimes there are big decisions to be made, like where you will live, what doctor you will see, or giving the doctor or dentist permission to give you medicine or have an operation.

You do not need a guardian if family or friends can help you make decisions. If family and friends do not agree you may need a guardian.

Photo story

How will my guardian make an accommodation decision for me?

This photo story tells the story of Jodie. Jodie's family and friends and carers were not able to make a decision about where she should live. The Guardianship Tribunal appointed the Public Guardian to make this decision about where she should live.


Do you need more information?            

If you would like to talk to someone about guardianship and what we do, or if you want to make a complaint you can contact:

Information and Support branch on 02 8688 6070 or
NSW STD callers on 1800 451 510.