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contact us at the Information and Support branch if you need further help or information about these forms .

Enduring Guardianship

Form of Appointment of Enduring Guardian/s [pdf 761kb]

Form of notice of revocation of appointment of enduring guardian  [pdf 595kb]

Form of notice of resignation of appointment as enduring guardian or alternative enduring guardian  [pdf 595kb]     

Enduring guardianship is a way to appoint someone to make health and lifestyle decisions for you at some time in the future when you can't do this for yourself. Please note that you are are free to manipulate this form, for example if you need to add additional certificates of witness. However any changes must meet the requirements of the Guardianship Regulation 2016 Schedule 1 which are in the forms.

Appointment of a guardian and/or financial manager

Anyone with a genuine concern for the welfare of a person with impaired decision making can make an application to the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (formerly known as the Guardianship Tribunal). You should contact the tribunal directly before making an application. You can also contact us for general information about this process.

The forms to apply for guardianship and/or financial management can be downloaded from the NCAT website above.



Obtain consent for medical or dental treatment

Application to carry out Medical or Dental Treatment for a person under Guardianship of the Public Guardian (Use this form only if the Public Guardian is the patient's guardian.)

Application for consent to Medical Dental Treatment (use this form if the person with a disability does not have a guardian or person responsible)

Request an information session

Complete and return this form to the Information and Support Branch via fax 86889797, email informationsupport@opg.nsw.gov.au or post: Locked Bag 5116 Parramatta NSW 2124.