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Review of decision


What happens when I request a review of a decision?

If you still disagree with the decision after you have received the Reasons for Decision report you can ask for the decision to be internally reviewed.

Requests for an internal review should be made in writing and must be made within 28 days from receiving the Public Guardian's reasons for decision report. You may apply directly to the Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division of NCAT (AEOD) if the Public Guardian has not responded to your request for an internal review within 21 days.

Following receipt of your request an internal review of decision is undertaken by the Assistant Director Operations who can change or confirm decisions made by guardians. The outcome of the review of decision will be sent to you in a report within 21 days of your request for review.

There are certain circumstances where a request for a review will be declined, for example if a request is made out of time or if the matter has been previously dealt with and finalised. Ultimately it is up to the reviewing officer to consider these requests on the merit of each individual case.

What if I disagree with the outcome of the review of a decision?

If you disagree with the outcome of the review you can ask the Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division of NCAT to review the Public Guardian's decision. You need to make an application to the AEOD of NCAT within 28 days of receiving the Public Guardian's review of decision report. For more information contact the AEOD on 02 9223 4677 or go to their website.


What if I want to stop the Public Guardian implementing a decision?

You can ask the AEOD to stop a decision from being implemented. This is called a 'stay of decision'. For more information contact the AEOD.

What if I'm unhappy with the Public Guardian?

The Public Guardian's complaints process is different to the review process. If you need assistance with your complaint you can contact the Complaints Support Officer. If you are unhappy with the appointment of the Public Guardian and want to have the appointment reconsidered you can lodge an appeal with the AEOD or with the Supreme Court. You can also ask the Guardianship Division of NCAT to review a guardianship order at any time during the course of the order.


Submit your written request for review of a decision to:

Complaints Support Officer
Public Guardian
Locked Bag 5116