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What we do


The Public Guardian is a legally appointed guardian for people who lack capacity to make major health and welfare decisions. The Public Guardian does not make financial or property based decisions.

Our clients

We have a range of client groups, which include:

  • people appointed a guardian because they lack decision-making capacity due to disabilities such dementia, intellectual disability, brain injury or mental illness

  • private guardians who act for a family member or friend who lacks the capacity to make their own decisions

  • enduring guardians who have been appointed by someone who is planning ahead for some possible future incapacity.


Our services

We do advocacy and policy work, which includes:

  • research and analysis of issues for people under guardianship

  • systemic advocacy on behalf of our clients

  • development of links with other agencies and advocacy groups

  • state-wide community education

  • provision of support and advice to private and enduring guardians.